Our Therapists

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Terralar- The Owner

After practicing massage since the age of 5 for family and friends Terralar decided in 2007 to make it her career, with no surprise to her family. She has always loved making people feel better and what better way to do that than with the healing touch of massage? After graduating from Heritage College in May of 2009 with her Associate’s degree in Occupational Studies, Terralar started her own practice of in-home massage. She also worked for Greenwood Village Athletic Club in Denver, Colorado. In 2012, her passion for total body balance and health led her to study with Axis Yoga where she earned her Yoga Teaching certification. Having both a massage and yoga background has opened up Terralar's view of range of motion and the uniqueness of everybody’s body. 

Terralar specializes in Integrative Therapy- drawing from her knowledge of everything from Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports to Reflexology, Reiki, and Thai massage- to form a truly unique massage session tailored to her clients individual needs. Whether you are recovering from an injury, need help activating a particular muscle group, or just need to relax, you’ll be in good hands.

“We all have different strengths and weaknesses and our bodies are no different. What works for one person’s muscles doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. It is my duty as a body worker to work with the uniqueness of the individual to find the style, pressure, stretch, etc. that works for you.”


Hart has practiced therapeutic massage since 1996. Her main modalities are a combination form of Swedish, Shiatsu, and Reiki energy work. She incorporates Traeger and Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapies for effective therapeutic work. It is Hart’s belief that bodywork is an important part of self-care and that it should be used as a way to repair strains, sprains, and general aches and pains related to aging or inactivity. She can perform longer, targeted sessions on the face, feet, and other areas. Pregnancy massage is another specialty and focus of her’s. Her sessions are deeply therapeutic but pain-free and overall a perfect form of healing in first-time clients.

For newcomers to bodywork Hart recommends a half hour session along with targeted work on feet, head, or shoulders and arms with herself. Gift certificates are a good way to get a loved one to experience a brand new session of deep healing and relaxation.

Hart has a past of working locally in the Pacific Northwest at places in Oregon like the Cannery Pier Hotel, Stephanie Inn, and a private office in Astoria as well as Southwest Portland, Skamania Lodge, Carson Hot Springs, and Breitenbush. She’s returned to the Long Beach Peninsula and now lives in Ilwaco with her lovely dogs, cats, and husband, a historic preservationist.