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Yoga for every body

EarthLight Yoga is an unconditionally welcoming yoga studio where yoga is for everyone. No matter what your body type, age, or experience  – every class welcomes you just the way you are.
We provide a joyous, friendly and deeply supportive community for you to grow in your practice.

We support you in listening to your body and modify poses in any way that suits your current emotional and physical state. 


About LEE

Lee is a certified Samarya Yoga instructor. She has been trained in Thai yoga, trauma informed yoga, ashtanga yoga, prenatal/postnatal yoga, and integrative movement therapy. She is also trained in other healing modalities such as herbalism, ecotherapy, birth doula and postpartum support, and somatic therapy to assist those seeking to empower themselves through diverse life experiences.  Lee works in partnership with clients own wisdom from a heart of compassion and humility.


Sea School Coop

Lee co-founded the Sea School Cooperative with the passion to see kids flourish in their education as well as become positive contributors to our community and society.

At the Sea School all kids have the opportunity to succeed and thrive during and after school. Students learn all the building blocks to follow whatever career path they're interested in.

The Sea School Coop is a community of learners and builders on the edge of the ocean, navigating a world of rapid change and abundant opportunity for growth.  Supporting one another, we can become the world we wish to be a part of. A 501c3 federal non-profit.


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Yoga focused on flow and mindfulness, finding a balance between ease and effort.
1-Time Drop In Fee:  $18